The ''IDEAL''

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The IDT or Resident Care Team (Conference)

Resident Care Team
---Your Care Team, [IDT], or ''Interdisciniplinarian Team,'' is made up of physicians, nurses, dieticians, activity therapists and other staff. It is where the rubber meets the road. Your Care Plan will be developed for you based on your clinical's team assessment of you. Your needs + preferences are, also, taken into consideration. You are allegedly residing in a unit that best meets your clinical needs. Your active participation with your care planning is encouraged, valued and will help make your care plan more effective. Your family or other relations involved in making decisions regarding your care, called surrogate decision makers, may also contribute to your care planning. You and your surrogate will be notified by your social worker of all quarterly team meetings.

---Your Care Team will meet with you regularly to evaluate your appropriate level of skilled nursing care and clerical needs. If the assigned Care Unit is no longer the optimal place to address your needs, you may be relocated to a more appropriate unit. Your cooperation and input within this process is greatly appreciated.
---Someone from your Care Team is assigned to be your ''Go-To'' person. He or she will meet with you on a bi-monthly schedule to keep the tenets of your last Care Team Conference and your next RCC ongoing and fresh in your mind. He or she jots down requests or questions that you may have over the course of the month. He or she is responsible for ''how things are going for you...on the unit (and the hospital) overall.''

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