The ''IDEAL''

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


---I always thought about how wonderful it would be for the ''bosses'' to be in the resident's/patient's shoes. How eye-opening it would be to have the staff (or anyone above the resident/patient in ''clout'' value...which includes ABOUT everyone) to switch places with the resident. This was actually done at onetime. That is one of the origins of the feast of fools or April Fools Day. For one day, those in charge would be subject to the rule of those who are usually beneath him.
---I was imagining that many folks would have a very difficult time enduring much of their own care. I'm NOT talking being cared for by the resident in your charge. I wondered how many would ''tweak'' what they do after being on the receiving end, just for one day, of the care they, themselves...sometimes administer.

---Or, on the other hand become a frontline staff person who gets it from ALL sides. The demands of a frustrated, unsatisfied resident/patient AND bosses who really don't 'get' balancing life on the frontlines. Their bosses armchair quarterback the whole thing and provide irrelevant solutions, because they STILL don't know the resident/patient. The solutions are much like the 'bandage on cancer' variety. It just delays the real situation/fix.

---I'll bet we are both wrong in our projection of what it is like on the other side...on a good many things. Until we walk in each other's moccasins, we can NEVER really know. I, myself, am waiting for that day when the staff has an epiphany of sorts and finally sees that they can't keep sweeping patients under the rug, for the most part, as they seem to do. Of course that is just my own and some others...viewpoint.

---There are many resident/patient's who understand what is going on. Not EVERYONE...but, ALL resident/patient's hold a piece of the puzzle. I suggest that you talk with some of the residents to get a different perspective and viewpoint than the ones that folks come up the boardroom. The ones that you hear from the resident/patients...will be different.
---Patients have to be heard and taken seriously. I will say that ''a little intelligent TLC goes a long way...but, it has at times to be relevant to the patient's situation.'' If you are one of the folks in charge, please consider talking to a viable resident/patient consultant about something happening at LHH AND really hear his answer for the truth he tells and not with the mindset of how - ''what he says will impact me.'' When all is said and done...AND THE TRUTH of the matter comes out, (It ALWAYS DOES,) the sooner you jump on board...the better.

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