The ''IDEAL''

Saturday, October 25, 2014


---I wanted to be sure that we are looking at the change in behavior of the alpha males. We are about changing the aggressive behavior to a more nurturing society. We are NOT about killing off anyone.

---The reason alpha males exist (in my way of thinking) is because they are still competing and comparing themselves with other males to check and see if they are good enough or not. They have as yet accepted themselves as they really they need to check to see how they measure up with the rest. They tend to compensate for feelings of owning some flashy possession that in their mind makes up for these feelings. If people show any jealousy or envy towards these items...then they deem ownership a success. This is quite a common thing that happens. You can, also, see that growing out of this behavior reaps benefits.

---When this posturing is 'seen through'...people, usually, come down to size and are more comfortable in their own skin just 'being who they are.' It is usually around then that people suddenly realize that being who you are is NOT such a bad thing to be. People want to expand on that. Lives tend to change for the better at this point. I think you get the drift.

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