The ''IDEAL''

Sunday, October 19, 2014


---I first presented the STORY as a PowerPoint when I was an officer for the Residents' Council before the hospital move in 2010. The education department at LHH asked if they could take the basic premise (staff/resident relationship) and present it to the Leadership Forum. The version above would NOT be recognized as the same product...unless one goes to the heart and meaning of the whole thing. The original power point seemed to have very little impact at the time. I'm glad that I found ways to redo it in a way that allows me to place ''The STORY'' on my blog. It may find its way to someone who can use it in a way that benefits others. I have used the video over the past year, but this tag is new and hasn't been used before.

---I still see UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as being the best that there is.

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