The ''IDEAL''

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



  1. New patient meets with Care Team, Care Partners, etc.
  2. New patient is assessed by Care Team and most therapeutic approach is decided upon by ALL players.
  3. Using the patients cognitive abilities, needs and preference...the patients first few days are mapped out.
  4. He is assigned a ''Go-To'' person, from the Care Team, who has very good working knowledge of the facility, itself, and the kinds of things the new patient will encounter in this new (to him) facility... especially – right away. The ''Go-To'' person is responsible to help give the new patient the 'sea legs' needed to stand on his own (figuratively.) The ''Go-To'' person is the new patients contact person (at first) with/to the new facility (LHH.) The communication should always be as current as possible. The ''Go-To'' person is the liaison for the patient.
    1. The patient will be spending much of his time with Nursing Asst. or PCA. He/she is responsible for day-to-day unit life involving ADL's of patient. His daytime Care Partner should know the patient (and facility) well enough to help acclimate patient to his new surroundings. He helps make suggestions as to the kinds of things that may interest the new patient.
    2. The Activities Department provides different creative ways that the new patient can express himself. Everything is geared for the patient to spend his time having the best experience and most therapeutic time possible. It is about getting well and being independent enough to eventually rejoin society on an affective level.
    3. The patient has been schooled (formally or informally,) here, in a way that upgrades his decision-making skills to be more able to negotiate a lifestyle and maintaining it outside the facility (for a long period.)

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