The ''IDEAL''

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Values Usually Govern
Attitude + Behavior

---Our values usually govern our attitudes and behaviors. If we have a value system that sees our fellow man as being part of the family of man that we belong to…one tends to want to see the most for him. ‘’One wants him to be The BEST that he can be.’’

---If we find ourself competing and comparing ourselves with his achievements…we will find ourselves always working on keeping up with the Jones - or whatever ''IN'' EXPRESSION best represents that condition nowadays. It's easy to have jealousy and envy rearing its head in there. We, probably, will spend much time on whatever is trendy as opposed to thinking on our own.

---Values produce attitudes and hence we behave accordingly. As we wrote before - when we don’t like someone, these or this dynamic is what we’re usually referring to. If that person behaved differently he/she would push different buttons in us and we would undoubtedly have a different experience of him. We would probably be responding to whatever different behavior that he is now using in front of us. Be Well!

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