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Friday, February 6, 2015


Relating To A Member
of the Underserved Population;


---What I have been working on for a long time has finally become clear to me. It is one of those answers that is so obvious that I'm almost embarrassed to talk about it. But...that doesn't hold the final card, so I guess I'll just say it.

---The secret to having a hospital patient be happy and satisfied is to simply ask him what he wants and give it to him. (You may have to massage this dynamic a bit to get the desired response.) The patient may have NOT had his preferences cared about for a long time. He may be out of practice with the very basic art of being civil. Or, it is possible that this was never his strong suit. Have NO FEAR...he will eventually respond in an appropriate manner if you are sensitive to his situation.

---That will usually illicit a smile and a thank you. He will then be set up for a friendship if one cares to pursue it. Simple supply and demand. Probably the same thing that works on you and your whole family. I majored in economics...I should have gotten to this much sooner.

1] Ask him/her what he/she wants and supply it. If this is done you will receive a smile at the very least.

2] Listen to what he/she has to say AND hear what he/she is really saying

3] Take him/her seriously

---If these steps are followed, I guarantee that will see changes in your relationships. The more your heart buys into this will be the greater the rewards you reap from doing it. Be Well.

Understand that I am NOT talking about Medical Needs. I am speaking about the patient's communication with his team.

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