The ''IDEAL''

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Reality Check:


1. Though some people like you…are you okay with the fact that some people don’t?

2. Would you like to spend time with people who know and like you or others you don‘t know?

3. Though you may be attractive…some people may find someone else who is more attractive?

4. Are you okay with the fact that someone that you may consider annoying, is more popular than you are?

5. Do you compare how you’re doing with how others are doing?

6. Do you want to be the best at something or are you satisfied with doing your best?

7. Though you are pretty smart about many things…are you okay with the fact that there are people who are smarter than you?

8. Would you be comfortable giving a 10 minute speech to your co-workers about any subject you choose?

9. Do you feel comfortable with other people all the time?

10. Would you like to spend time with others who judge you or others who don’t judge you?

---Are you aware that people, usually, are keying in on how you behave when they say they don’t like you. Behave in a way that best reflects the values that you want to see in life. Be true to what you believe and how you see it. We are all in this…together! Be well…and be good to one another!

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