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Friday, April 14, 2017


---According to ALL the literature…it ALL points to one thing, ‘’the happier the resident, the better his physical body responds to getting better.’’ Some doctors are even linking that what is wrong with the patient, can be found to have its roots in the psyche. Clearing up the root cause of the unhappiness usually unblocks the cause for the illness. What is wrong in the thinking can be affecting the body in a negative way and be responsible for the condition it’s in. We see that the way a person thinks has much to do with the way he feels.

---This ALL translates into a ‘’happy patient results in a better recovery.’’ We have on the other-side…a more negative response to life making it more difficult to recover. Misery loves company.

---Thinking positive thoughts and the positive affect they have on the body has been known for a very longtime. Confucius even had a quote along those lines thousands of years ago.

---It is important to tell the truth to yourself. The benefits are well worth it. Sometimes the thoughts that we have are pretty negative. That is why it is good to have someone to talk to…to get things off of our chests. We can have two negative people get together at times and realize that the ‘’bond’’ they have created can be very positive. Two negatives can make a positive - and this works in human behavior, also.

---Keep your thoughts positive and you do yourself a favor. If you listen to your body or other nay sayers you may be dragged into the swamps of how your body feels. Honestly...think good thoughts and of good times and you will be doing yourself a world of good. Take Care.

---I would, also, like to add that this applies to a more rapid turnover at the hospital, itself. If folks are made well, sooner...they are more ready to move on to their next step in life (whatever that may be.) Above published 2/2013.

Patient Happiness (update)
written 4/1/17

---Happiness is still the attitude we hope for a patient. The happier that he or she is plays in a big way in favor of healing. If he or she is very receptive + accepting of the whole getting well process…then the whole hospital stay will undoubtedly go smoother.

---As we have stated in the past it is essential for the patient to feel that he has been heard and has been taken seriously in his life. Though this situation is something that applies to all of us…this has direct ramifications to the under served population. It seems that people are Laguna Honda patients directy depending on how much they have been heard or taken seriously in there life. Through lack of encouragement at proper times or being given the respect deserved and needed by all children there seems a certain amount of folks that appear as lost souls (never having been heard or taken seriously.) Achievement and accomplishment tends to be low. They spend a lot of time trying not to come across as dysfunctional as they feel sometimes. They find they easily get addicted to or use things to excess that end up being detrimental to there the long run. 


---It, also, has been made clear to me that the benefits of having a GROWTH MINDSET is far and away better than the FIXED MINDSET many of the under served population contend with. One realizes that there is more to life than being a couch potato. There is more going on than just worrying if someone will find out how much you know. They are NOT shown much of anything, but yet are supposed to know the answers, anyway. You will learn how to learn and, actually, know things. One feels part of things as opposed to feeling excluded from things. One has joined the land of the living again. One has a brand new outlook on life and living. Be Well.

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